Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Broken.....

Well we are putting in a small brick patio in the right back corner  of the back yard. I have been packing sand and leveling bricks that we salvaged from old houses, brick streets, Rob's family homes, Galveston, New Orleans, well u name it. SO.....

My Poor Ankle

Yesterday I finished a row of bricks, shored up the sand so it would not melt away and got up. I found myself flying through the air and landing HARD on the bricks and sand. Rob had to help me in the house. He put me into the shower for the sand and into bed with my foot elevated and iced. I did not hit my head but appear to have a mild concussion. As you can see, I did some major damage to my left ankle. It is not broken. Feels like it is. Now I am at home in my recliner with it elevated and Grayson in my lap. Why do all the cats want to sleep on your lap with the complete control of the laptop controls? I think it is because it is warm....

I landed on a brick so my tush is really sore from a brick sized bruise. Blood thinners and flying through the air and landing hard are not compatible.
Speaking of blood thinners, my cardiologist wants to do a stress test on me in about 2 weeks because I am still having some chest pains. Wants to make sure if it is stress and not my stint.


  1. Oh my goodness, Jo!

    Will it ever end?!?!?


    Seriously, please tell me that you'll rest up, with your foot???

    *shaking her head*

    I can't believe you hurt yourself, Jo.....

    And please tell me what the doctor has to say about your chest pains!


  2. I am sitting home right now with my foot up, like a good girl. Rob will take me to get a cane tonight so I can go to work tomorrow..

  3. Hi jo,

    I'm farming too these days and need to quilt more! So sorry about u're accident...feel better