Friday, April 22, 2011

OK, so here goes...

I am kicking and screaming into this world of Blogs. As usual I have waited so long to catch the train that I managed to grab the rail on the caboose after frantically chasing it about 50' down the track. I do not promise any consistency, however it has come to my attention that in order to keep in touch with some of my most dear friends, (that's you Rosa and Steffie) I need to have a Blog.

Apparently all you need for a blog is a desire to put your deeper most thoughts and feelings down for the entire universe to dissect. Being a more private person, I think that might have been the reason Blogging had no interest to me. So I will just need a topic to talk about.

I really love to quilt. Yes, that thing your Great Grandmother did with tiny pieces of fabric scraps she cut out with a cardboard template, her good fabric shears, a needle with thread and the big quilting frame that sat on dining room chairs or pulled down from the ceiling. No, I don't do it that way. I did start it that way in the 1980's. In the Twenty First Century we have rotary cutters, cutting mats, $3,000 sewing machines and $15,000 quilting machines. I do have a huge quilting room with stacks and bins of fabric. I tell Rob (my Husband) that when I retire I will have enough fabric (that is not true, she who dies with the most fabric wins!).

I sometimes wonder if I really am a quilter, because I don't quilt enough, get enough time to quilt and right now love Farm Town more. When I am bored with farming my quilting room is always there.  I put some links to my Dear Jane quilts and my webshot photos on here. I will figure out how to put my FaceBook link up too...

Right now I have a 'Hugs Quilt' on my quilting machine for my oldest daughter Joa. She was in hospital for three weeks in Feb and Mar. It was a bad time. My mom was also in ICU. They said she would die and we needed to come. Well Joa and I did and then I suddenly had two in ICU.

Both of them are home now. Mom is really weak and needs home health care. She is a stubborn old bat at times, and we know that is why we still have her with us. She is on dialysis three times a week. Joa went back to work full time this week. I cannot say enough about our local hospital and Joa's co-workers and employer. Only a 5 month employee, she was covered with FMLA and insurance. She had 3 weeks vacation that she had not 'earned' yet but they let her use it. Then the employees chipped in their personal leave time to the tune of 4 weeks of pay! They also took up a collection to help her out. I told her she better NEVER leave that job! Seriously, our family cannot say how much we appreciate all they did for Joa and how much stress it took away from her not to have to worry about loosing her job.

OK now the crafty part of this Blog. See the bottles at the top? I found that photo online somewhere (my apologies to the  photographer, I cannot remember where) and saved it to try out in our yard. I have started doing it, it does look really cool. After you send Rosa a dollar so she can retire, send me a blue bottle for my garden, OK?


  1. You don't need to write your inner most secrets, on here.

    You can write about your quilting projects.

    You can use this as a "journal" and not share with ANYONE... or, you can share with only a few people... or the whole world. YOU decide (go into your settings).

    You can blog and use this forum to rant about "stuff", if you wish.

    You can blog here and give reviews on products and items.... giving your 5 cents' worth of advice.


  2. You'd like some blue bottles, for your garden?

    Are these wine bottles?

    Just curious.... I've never seen this and yes, they ARE pretty!


  3. LOL, Jo! You are off to a great start on the blogging :-). Yes, what kind of bottles are those? That does look really cool. Have fun blogging!! I will bookmark it and check back occasionally. I don't blog that regularly either, but it is fun to share quilting projects and old sewing machines :-).

    Jacqui in Canada

  4. I know I dont have to share the innermost stuff, it made a good blog tho right? They are wine size bottles. I am running some along my brick patio that I just sprained my ankle on...